The Different Kurtis Designs To Try Out According To Body Types

One of the main reason for the popularity of the Kurtis is that they are suited to all body types. However, with so many designs available with the Cotton Kurtis Suppliers, it is important for you to know that there are certain designs which look particularly nice on specific body types.


You can take the example of A-line cotton Kurtis as you will also find with any of the Suppliers of Sarees. These Kurtis look good on anyone but they are particularly flattering on bulkier woman and especially the ones who have pear shaped bodies. Even the high neck Kurtis look good on heavier woman. It is best for them to steer clear of cotton Kurtis that are too flared like an Anarkali.


Anarkali Kurtis that you can avail from any Ladies Kurtis Manufacturer, on the other hand, look great on women with slim waistline. The ones with apple shaped bodies are the perfect people to carry off this design. Even the Cotton Kurtis that are short is length look great on slimmer bodies. The length must reach at least above the knees for the heavier woman.


The prints on Cotton Kurtis also play an important part. The busier prints do not look nice on bulkier women. They should stick to smaller prints such as the ones that are scattered all over the body of the Kurtis. The Monotone Kurtis look amazing as well and all women can wear those.

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